The 16th China Changchun InternationalSculpture Symposium (Agriculture Expo Park)Calls for Sculptors

March 11, 2015 
Changchun is now inviting sculptors for the 16th China Changchun (Agriculture Expo Park ) International Sculpture Symposium. 
Host: Changchun Municipal People’s Government, China    
Organizer: Administration Committee of Changchun Jingyue High-tech Development Zone, Changchun Planning Bureau, Changchun Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Changchun Sculpture Planning and Management Office,  Agriculture Expo Park 
Co-organizer: Changchun Urban Sculpture Institute, Fine Art College of Northeast Normal University,  Jilin College of the Arts,  Changchun University of Technology  
Time: 45 days from June 28 to August 10, 2015 
Place: Changchun, China
Number of participant sculptors: About 25
Theme: Inherit Agricultural Civilization and Promote Agricultural Technology 
Changchun is both a well-known sculpture city and an exhibition and convention city. Since 1997, Changchun has successfully held 15 sessions of sculpture symposium which has obtained praises from national and international sculptors as well as Changchun citizens. It can really be said to be an art gala of the world. Sculpture has become a golden name card of Changchun city.

Changchun International Agriculture and Food Exposition (CCIAF) is also a meticulously cultivated brand exhibition of the city government, enjoying a good reputation both at home and abroad. The permanent exhibition venue of CCIAF  Agriculture Expo Park is not only a national level agriculture demonstration park,acting as Jilin Province’s and Changchun City’s Agriculture Exhibition Center, but also an education base for agriculture science popularization. It has been awarded as national AAAA Tourist Attraction last year, and was selected as one of the “15 Best Sceneries of Changchun City”.

For further accelerating the combination of sculpture art, agricultural culture and agricultural technology, cultivating the local culture with distinct features and further enhancing Changchun city’s reputation as a sculpture city and exhibition and convention city, the city decides to hold the 16th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium from late June to early August, 2015. 
First step: call for submitting sculpture proposals 
Submission must include:
  1.At least three original proposals, which are requested to be novel in concept and elegant in design, reflecting the symposium's theme about the inheritance of traditional agricultural civilization and the innovation of agricultural technology , and coordinating with the environment of the park, especially correspond to the themes of different exhibition areas in the park. A referential elements for the creation is agricultural culture, stories of farm work, farmers, farming tools, plants and crops and innovation of agricultural technology, etc. The size could be 4-8 meters. Materials should be resistant to bad weather conditions, such as coldness, heat, and moisture. Interactive, innovative, new material works are encouraged. 
  2. Photographs of the A4 size colored design drafts or maquettes of applicant proposals in JPEG format (no less than 2M). The detailed information of the author and the work have to be specified, such as the dimension, material, and title in the photo. The photos of the proposed draft or maquette can only be in JPEG format. 
  3. Registration form and enclose applicant’s passport photo, recent daily photo and resume. Applicant’s sculpture portfolio and recommendation letters from public sculpture professionals are also appreciated. 
  4. Deadline for submitting proposals: April 30, 2015. The submitted works which do not follow the instructions will not enter the second step. 

Second step: select and confirm participant sculptors
All the applicant proposals will be carefully reviewed and appraised by the Organizing Committee, the public and established sculpture professionals. If any sculptor’s proposal gets accepted, he or she will receive an official invitation from Changchun for creating it on site from June 28 to August 10, 2015. The final results will be announced in the website in May. The finally selected sculptors will be provided with:
  1. Round-trip economic flight tickets (only from his or her residence city to Changchun)
  2. An allowance of US $3000, free accommodation in Changchun.
  3. General processing tools, sculpture materials
  4. Assistant and interpreter
  5. Honor diplomas, picture albums and souvenirs.

All the completed sculpture works will be permanently placed in Changchun  Agriculture Expo Park. The Organizing Committee reserves the final right to interpret.

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The Organizing Committee 
The 16th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium (Agriculture Expo Park)